Readings by Kelley

Sometimes in life, we need a push. Other times, we just seek guidance. Most of the time, that guidance is of a spiritual nature. That’s when you come to someone like me – I am an intuitive psychic and practicing Witch, and I integrate my years in the craft with my gifts in order to help you find solutions in your life and help you alter circumstances by the power of Free Will alone. Tarot is my specialty, but I have had my hand in other methods of divination over the years. With anyone who comes to me, I do my best to ensure they have a pleasant, enlightening experience and are able to learn something from a session with me so that they may apply it to their own life. As a Witch and psychic, I am fully aware that fate is never written in stone, let alone a deck of cards – fate is, however, always written by the person it belongs to with their words, thoughts and actions. No matter how big or small they are, they are still very significant on a grander scale.

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